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Fully narrated by an experienced Captain or Aquarium Naturalist, we venture out into the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean for a thrilling 2 hour cruise along the Pacific Coast. You'll see a wide variety of marine life in their natural habitat. You'll also see the "seal buoy," Pt. Fermin Historic Lighthouse, famous Cabrillo Beach, Portuguese Bend earth slide area, Inspiration Point, Abalone Cove, sea birds and marine life, the world's longest breakwater, and much more.

Discount rates available for pre-booked groups and charters.


Fully narrated by an experienced Captain or Aquarium Naturalist,  whale watching is an exciting voyage off the Pacific Coast where you can see whales, dolphins, seals, and birds make incredible journeys along our coast, ranging from a few hundred miles to many thousands. Our ocean adventure will typically include an educational presentation by an Aquarium marine naturalist and various hands-on learning activities for children of all ages. On board the Harbor Breeze boat, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about whales as they explore the Aquarium’s whale artifacts, such as different types of whale bones and baleen.

All whale watching cruises include informative commentary, provided by experienced staff. Comfortable accommodations aboard ship include lounge areas, galley service, lavatories and expansive deck areas for viewing and photographing.

Come join in the fun and excitement seeing one of nature's most wondrous mammals, the California Gray Whale during the winter season and the Blue Whale during the summer months.

A whale watching trip is truly a memorable experience for all ages!

Gray Whale watching cruises are available during the migration season -typically from November to April. The gentle giants make their annual migration from the Bering Sea to the warm waters of Baja California to breed and have their young.

Blue Whale watching cruises are available during the summer months -beginning May to October typically. Blue Whales are the largest animal to live on earth and they can be seen along the Southern California Pacific Coast. The Long Beach area hosts hundreds of blue whales annually who come to the region to feed on krill. These animals are highly mobile and they move regularly through the coast visiting the Los Angeles and Orange County regions and other feeding grounds near Newport Beach and the Channel Islands.

Departures are Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Visit www.2seewhales.com for scheduling information.

Discount rates available for pre-booked groups and charters.