I had an awesome time,

I had an awesome time, as did the Chief, Lieutenant, Committee and most of the attendees. I enjoyed the food, as did my table, the Chief’s table, etc. The crew were fantastic! Captain was extremely personable, he kept me or the Chief informed of any plans and at the end wanted a picture with the 2 of us. I enjoyed working with you and thought that everything went well. Chief Velez said at the party that I will have a hard time topping this next year. Also, we had a Corporal and his date get stuck on the freeway, their GPS said they wouldn’t arrive until after 7:30, the Captain offered to pick them up at Alamitos, allowing us to set sail and them still to catch the boat, the caterers set aside food for them. I thought it was wonderful that they didn’t miss the boat! Again, thank you for everything!