The party on Saturday was

The party on Saturday was beyond anything I could have hoped for. I had been so worried about how things were going to work out but I have to say this party was perfect in every way! The food was fabulous and although I had originally wanted a sit down meal, I think doing the Mexican finger food was actually much better. It gave a chance for people to get food when they wanted and to move about and mingle at their own pace. The entire staff was so wonderful. They were always there to help if needed and they were so friendly. I also wanted to thank you for helping to make this all happen. I knew that I couldn’t let Dan’s retirement pass without some kind of celebration and Harbor Breeze Cruises was the perfect option for this celebration. Thank you again so much. You were such a pleasure to work with. By the way, Dan was indeed very surprised and had such a great time. Thank you for a party we will never forget